Monday, July 31, 2006

kawan saya kawannya

kawan saya dan kawannya baru sahaja selesai menghisap ganja mereka di rumah kawan saya.kawan saya dan kawannya turun dari pangsapuri menuju ke kedai mamak berhampiran.kawan saya dan kawannya agak lemau dan kelihatan terhuyung hayang ketika berjalan.langkah diatur dengan teliti agar tidak tersungkur di bahu jalan.apabila tiba di simpang,kawan saya mempercepatkan langkah sambil berlari anak melintas jalan.namum kawannya kelihatan agak tenang ketika melakukan lintasan.tiba-tiba kelihatan sebuah pajero yang tidak begitu laju datang ke arah kawannya.suasana menajadi panik.pajero itu berhenti.kawannya dengan terhuyung hayang terus melanggar cermin depan pajero itu lalu pengsan.kawannya dibawa ke klinik untuk rawatan.kecederaan tidak serius langsung.kawan saya terus naik ke rumah dengan perasaan malu tanpa mempedulikan kawannya itu.kata pemandu pajero itu,seorang kontraktor cina menyangkal habis-habisan, "saya tak langgar dia,dia yang langgar saya!"


1.younger sister of sultan pahang was stabbed to her death by her own son,who was stoned on ice.soon found dead overdosed.conspiracy!
2.lrt buat hal lagi.3 trains stranded about 2 hrs when rapid kl cut off electrical supply due to technical problem-and,sebab nik anas tertido la ni.haha kerbau was knocked down by a car and suffered major injury near my house.the funny thing is,'org surau' tak sabar sabar sebab nak sembelih kerbau tu.
4.i paid for the most expensive nasi campur that ive ever had in my whole life.rm 11 for nasi putih,daging goreng,telur ikan(not caviar) and ulam. indonesian girl i knew had jumped from the balcony of her apartment because she was rejected by a guy.luckily she escaped death but with cracked spine-and temporarily paralysed.baik mati kot.drug kills. friend's '75 vintage was combusted spontaneously in taman tun.i was first freaky experience having my eyes pinned on 12 feet fire ruining a 31 yr old car.i felt sorry for her.wish could have done something about it.
7.met someone miraculously (at last!) wish i could freeze time.

hari ini dalam sejarah

hari ini dalam sejarah!i was told by someone (via sms) that someone needed blood so badly.i was shocked because i thought that someone was her!i panicked and asked shahid,a good friend of mine (for help) to get me to sjmc sjmc,i went straightaway to the bloodbank,which was located at level 5 of the north wing.a nurse took my blood and informed that my blood type was b.then i took the initiative to ask who was this blood for.fuhh! lega.the blood was for somebody i didnt know(because of cancer i was told).
i donated my blood for the first time!
and in exchange,the hospital gave me f.o.c parking plus late nite smses from someone i had been missing all these while.hari ini memang betul dalam sejarah!

me vs world

i have often scratched my head in amazement and questioned how some people can be so self centered and self absorbed.1001 thoughts scampered around my mind on how i can be just as selfish and how to get my message across.if you know what i mean.i am an impatience person which is the byproduct of my stacking inner anger.i never invited this problem in-its just there to be some part of life perhaps.honestly,i never really dealt with them.i put them in my pocket till its really bulking and without knowing it,im actually keeping a weapon of mass destruction within had exploded a few times and to tell the truth,it had really cost me dearly.thus,i cut myself off from everyday's blessing of being alive and well.but looking outside the box,i know that some people are who they actually are due to circumtances which they had no control's up to ourselves to choose how to react to them.on the other hand,i should learn to let go off things-the reason why so much anger and frustration were left to grow was i could not let go off the past.i kept on visiting them!i actually reasoned and actioned to deal with it.i hope someone would read this and try to understand how it is difficult to be in my shoes.well,they took thousand years to build rome didnt they?time is all i need.please,i am no psycho!