Monday, July 31, 2006

hari ini dalam sejarah

hari ini dalam sejarah!i was told by someone (via sms) that someone needed blood so badly.i was shocked because i thought that someone was her!i panicked and asked shahid,a good friend of mine (for help) to get me to sjmc sjmc,i went straightaway to the bloodbank,which was located at level 5 of the north wing.a nurse took my blood and informed that my blood type was b.then i took the initiative to ask who was this blood for.fuhh! lega.the blood was for somebody i didnt know(because of cancer i was told).
i donated my blood for the first time!
and in exchange,the hospital gave me f.o.c parking plus late nite smses from someone i had been missing all these while.hari ini memang betul dalam sejarah!


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