Thursday, April 27, 2006


sucky places

1.kuala kangsar
2.kota kinabalu
4.hartamas square

yummy places

1.koh phangan
2.petaling street

listed by me @kota kinabalu

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

cina bukit

i went to cut my hair at a salon.initially,i was planning to cut my hair a bit short and,i told the stylist how i wanted my hair to be done,which in my opinion,that my verbal intructions were loud and clear.she was a chinese girl who i doubt has a work permit.then,she started doing her job.a few minutes later when i looked up the mirror,i was in a massive my surprise,she did ALAN TAM on me.right on my head!instinctively,i asked her to shave my head.then she replied , "pisau tala.kalau mesin nombot satu ata la.' then i was like-okay lady do whatever you like as long as you get rid of that ALAN TAM off my head please.after she cleared everything up, she broke the silence.
"umut belapa?"
"dua lima"
"lu talak nampak macam tua lima la"
"abis tu?"
"lu nampat macam itu tua tua la"
yeah,at least someone agreed that i look younger kan? haha