Thursday, March 30, 2006


one fine day day,i went to klcc doing some smalltime shopping.outside the premise,exactly at the smoking area,i saw this one freakin' punk rocker with his boots up to his knee,fancy mohawk hairstyle,well-polished leather jackets and tight jeans(ouch!).he was walking with his mom,in her 40s,who was with tudung and very motherly looking.bila nak blah tu, dia salam tangan and kissed the mom's hand.i wouldnt do that, would i?but thanks to him as he successfully made me realize of the derailment of my life from its intended track.okla,back to our story...
then,the funny part happened.
his spikeys poked the mom! and in quick response,she yelled "ADOI!".
i laughed my heart out man.