Saturday, May 20, 2006

a letter to you

dear ermmm,

this is a letter about misses and thank yous..and its for you.

i shall miss the comfort when you were in my arms.i shall miss the loneliness of waiting for your calls that never came.i shall miss hunting you down.i shall miss malay movies.i shall miss actorlympics.i shall miss the joy of our comings and of course the pain of your goings.and,after sometime,i shall miss missing and loving you.seriously,'us' had brought me me a great deal of good(thats why i missed it so terribly when it was no longer there)-much of it is still with you its the time for me to stock all the goods and move on.being positive,i find many things to be grateful for.thank you.i can say thank you for driving me around.i can say thank you for the meals.i can say thank you for the ashtray you bought using your very first pay.i can say thank you the hugs and kisses.i can say thank you for backing me up.i can say thank you for forking out the fishbone out of my tounge.i can say thank you for being there and willing to be shared.i can say thank you for the victorinox you gave for my birthday.i can say thank you for the love you have ever offered.i can say thank you for the many changes you were catalyst to.also i can say thank you for the countless bedtime stories i made up-that would never happened without your inspiration...

..and the fact is i dont know how to end this letter, may be i will just let god puts a fullstop to it.please take care because i really really care for you.


rebound:call of nature

i was sucked into nature.nature that forms one kind of vacuum when its empty.sometimes i find myself rushing prematurely in romantic or even a semi-romantic attachments in an attempt to fill that emptiness.should have given it sometime,maybe.
healing is a natural process.if healing isnt complete, an initial rebound is likely to be followed by another loss, a second rebound, another loss, then another until your emotional life is lived like in uneven pattern of a moving pinball. falling "madly in love"soon after a traumatic breakup seems great at first-when your wildest hopes and fantasies came true! but then the bottom falls'll discover the new love is not that totally sensous, intelligent, considerate, understanding, sophisticated god or goddess you initially worshipped.only a human,just like anyone else.sigh.

only smile when you really mean it!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

incest , a bit

through boredom sitting on board of an lrt there was this cute young girl stood in front of me.i was stunned.simply speechless but at the same time was trying to make eye contacts that perhaps could lead to a simple conversation.i had never seen eyes that pretty for quite a long time heh.and to my surprise,she smiled.i smiled nervously for an exchange.i was like having a sudden orgasm at that time.never felt so much appreciated before.all of a sudden she came nearer and heart stopped beating when she started the conversation.
"hi!" and i said, "hi!"
"ingat lagi tak?"and i was like, "huh?" who the hell is she?
"ala takkan tak ingat kot,ni along kan?i anak to' lang la" shockingly replied, "oh ye ke?youve changed a lot la"
"ye ke?"
cutting off the conversation immediately "okla,along nak kena turunla.see ya around!"
without looking back,i hurried to the exit and quickly vanished into the crowded ampang park lrt station.
disgusted,ashamed and disappointed.
potong gila beb!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

from another stranger's blog

my ex
(+es) are all beautiful
i don't
hate them at all
maybe i should
get all naked and kneel down to tell them how wonderful they had been to me
i love it
when there's a piece of peace in me
i dont understand
why im still living my life in agony
i lose
my girlfriend all the time.
people say i'm
love is
like frying a frozen popiah!
is eating Kentucky Fried Chicken
i will always
forever is
i never want to
do it anymore
i think the current US president
when i wake up in the morning
i will force myself to go to work
my past
had taught me maths, physics and biology
i get annoyed
over bimbos
were my biggest mistake ever
my dog
is gay
my cat
was his partner
kisses are the best
when you put your heart in them
is full of question marks
i really want
to be redelivered into this world
i have low tolerance for
marlboro lights