Saturday, August 12, 2006

lina's house and Article 11

her house is a the entrance hall hangs a frame picture of Ganesha,he of the elephant head.he sits facing out-rosy colored,pot-bellied,crowned and smiling.three hand holding various objects,the fourth hand held palm out in blessing and in greeting.he is the lord overcomer of obstacles,the god of good luck,the god of wisdom and the patron of his feet is an attentive rat.his vehicle.because when ganesha travels,he travels atop a rat.
there is a dusty statue of Siddartha Gautama in the kitchen sitting calmly next to her refrigerator.meditating with smile on his face.
in the living room,on a table next to the sofa,there is a framed picture of the Virgin Mary of Guandalupe,flower tumbling from her open to it is a framed picture of Kaabah,the holiest sanctrum of Islam,surrounded bu a ten-thousandfold swirl of the faithful.
upstairs in her room there is a wooden Christ on the cross from brazil on a rug and a green prayer rug in a corner.the Christ is expressive-he suffers.the prayer rug lies in its own clear to it,on a low book-stand,is a book covered by a the centre of the cloth is a single arabic word,intricately woven,four Alif,two Lams an a Ha.the word of god in arabic.ALLAH.

the book is Bible.


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