Sunday, May 14, 2006

incest , a bit

through boredom sitting on board of an lrt there was this cute young girl stood in front of me.i was stunned.simply speechless but at the same time was trying to make eye contacts that perhaps could lead to a simple conversation.i had never seen eyes that pretty for quite a long time heh.and to my surprise,she smiled.i smiled nervously for an exchange.i was like having a sudden orgasm at that time.never felt so much appreciated before.all of a sudden she came nearer and heart stopped beating when she started the conversation.
"hi!" and i said, "hi!"
"ingat lagi tak?"and i was like, "huh?" who the hell is she?
"ala takkan tak ingat kot,ni along kan?i anak to' lang la" shockingly replied, "oh ye ke?youve changed a lot la"
"ye ke?"
cutting off the conversation immediately "okla,along nak kena turunla.see ya around!"
without looking back,i hurried to the exit and quickly vanished into the crowded ampang park lrt station.
disgusted,ashamed and disappointed.
potong gila beb!


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