Tuesday, May 09, 2006

from another stranger's blog

my ex
(+es) are all beautiful
i don't
hate them at all
maybe i should
get all naked and kneel down to tell them how wonderful they had been to me
i love it
when there's a piece of peace in me
i dont understand
why im still living my life in agony
i lose
my girlfriend all the time.
people say i'm
love is
like frying a frozen popiah!
is eating Kentucky Fried Chicken
i will always
forever is
i never want to
do it anymore
i think the current US president
when i wake up in the morning
i will force myself to go to work
my past
had taught me maths, physics and biology
i get annoyed
over bimbos
were my biggest mistake ever
my dog
is gay
my cat
was his partner
kisses are the best
when you put your heart in them
is full of question marks
i really want
to be redelivered into this world
i have low tolerance for
marlboro lights


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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